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Q: I can't download the Audio to my iPhone!
A: iPhone & iPad users will need to download & install WinZip from iTunes to be able to open the audio .zip folders.  Save the audio zip file, open WinZip, scroll down to 'downloads' and click on the audio zip file.

Q: I get an error message that the 'link is expired'.
A:  Per the download instructions your download link will expire after you have accessed it 3 times or after 2 weeks.  Please follow the download instructions and SAVE your file instead of opening it first.  After you save the file to your computer you can open it as many times as you need from your own computer to study or print.  If you are having a problem, and you had to repeatedly retry your download causing your link to expire, please email - we will be glad to help or reset your link for you.  When emailing, stating 'I can't download' doesn't help us discover or solve your problem -  Be specific on the steps you took before the error or problem occured.  Note your operating system, browser, and any error message recieved.  

Q:  How do I print individual pages from the PDF study guide?
A:   Download the FREE 'How to use your study guide' PDF file on the study guides page.
Each study guide PDF has an index.  Click on the little 'bookmark' ribbon on the left of the Adobe screen - it looks like a ribbon you would use in a book to mark your place, there should also be a 'paperclick' icon on the side bar.  When you click the bookmark ribbon you will see the index.  Click on the first entry or section and note the page number at the top of the page, it will say something similar to 2 / 1210 ( page 2 of 1210 pages).  Click on the next section in the index and look at the page numbers at the top - it will say something similar to 61 / 1210.  The first section is pages 2 through 60.  Most printers will have a section asking what pages you wish to print such as 'all pages', 'current page', 'select pages...'.  Type in 2-60 and click print - and your printer will print the first selected section.

Q:  I've found an error or two in your material!
A:  Please report all errors to us in a courteous and professional manner.  We will correct all reported errors immediately!  We try very hard to be as accurate as possible, but we are human and do make mistakes.  We apologize if there are errors and appreciate your diligence in letting us know!  FYI -  Even expensive professional textbooks have been known to have errors or typos - it is unnecessary to be rude about a typo that our spell-check software did not correct.

If you use an iPad or Kindle you absolutely need to read this.
Our downloadable books are supplied as a PDF file. This generally doesn't cause Macintosh or Windows computer users any issues: just click on the Save File option instead of Open with options when your browser displays your download options.  We have noted that "Chrome" browser will delay or stop downloads!  You may need to change browsers.

But when you buy downloadable books from the browser on your tablet or phone and then click on an email with the download link that you receive, on mobile devices you're typically going to see the PDF in your browser with no save options. While the file will show up and be readable, this is only temporary and will disappear when you navigate elsewhere, forcing you to download the book again. Not only will you run out of downloads doing this, but you'll be upping your data usage on your device and encountering delays each time you want to read it. Neither of those are good things. 

iPad Users
The simplest way:
  1. Complete purchase in your browser on iPad.
  2. Tap on the download link you receive.
  3. PDF (eventually) opens in Safari on iPad.
  4. Tap somewhere on the page.
  5. A toolbar opens at the top of the page with "Open in iBooks" as one of the buttons. Tap this button.
  6. The book PDF is saved in the iBooks library on the iPad and then opens up in iBooks.
  7. The book PDF file is synced back to the computer next time you connect to iTunes.

Recommended method (requires a low-cost optional app on the iPad):
  1. Complete purchase in your browser.
  2. Wait for the email to come with your download link.
  3. Download the file to your computer. 
  4. Sync your iPad with your computer via iTunes.
  5. Once Step 2 finishes backing up your files but before disconnecting the iPad, select your iPad device and open the Apps 
       tab for it in iTunes (Apps oval on top gray bar).
  6. In the File Sharing area towards the bottom of the page, select the Goodreader app.
  7. In the Goodreader Documents box that appears to the right of the File Sharing app list, click Add.
  8. Navigate to where you saved the file in Step 1, select the file, and click Open.
  9. Resync your device.

Why Goodreader? Because it appears to have better memory management than the native iBooks app and fully supports everything I put into the PDF file. As I tune the size of the D800 Guide in updates to balance download size with image quality, there's a good chance you'll encounter memory issues with iBooks, at least until Apple addresses this. 
But if you want to use free iBooks app Apple provides:
  1. Download the file to your computer.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Click on the Books item under Library (left panel). 
  4. Drag the file you downloaded into the right iTunes panel (where books actually appear).
  5. Sync your iPad.

Kindle Users – With Adobe Acrobat installed
You can download directly to your Kindle or Download the file to your computer.
  1. After downloading and saving the file to your computer
  2. Connect your Kindle to your computer via the USB port.
  3. Use your computer's file system to find the Kindle; it'll show up like any other computer drive.
  4. Drag the file you downloaded into the Documents folder on the Kindle.
  5. Eject the Kindle from your computer as you would any other removable disk drive.

If none of these items or suggestions helps, please email - We will get your study material to you somehow! 

If you have a question not addressed here, please email

Good luck to all in their studies!  

MyStudyGroup101 Team

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