Founded in 2005, we originally started as a studygroup of LPNs who wanted to obtain their ADN degrees, while still being able to work full time.  The project developed into a business with the goal of helping other nursing students, just like us, do the same - by the most cost effective and quickest methods.  

Whether attempting an online college ADN/ASN program or going through a formal program, this material will help enhance your studies!   Our goal is to save you tons of money & precious time!  That's the bottom line!

Our study guides are divided into sections based on the available content guide outlines and fact sheets (syllabus) with plenty of practice questions to sharpen your knowledge & hone your skills.  We have purchased & used as reference the most current published editions of the recommended textbooks & scoured the Web for useful web pages for you to visit for additional information.  We have spent countless hours (& years!) typing, editing, researching, and obtaining permission and licenses to offer you the material you need to pass these exams.  We all know how hard it is to study & work full time, so our idea was to condense & organize – just the material you need at an affordable price

Many students have used these guides exclusively to study for, and pass, their exams & have had great results.  Not everyone will feel comfortable doing his or her study in that way, but it is an option.  We recommend that you study with a ‘buddy’ or have your significant other or a friend at work quiz you on key terms randomly.  If you feel you need the textbooks, you may consider purchasing older editions of the recommended texts available on eBay,, Amazon, SuperBookDeals or BetterWorldBooks – you’ll save hundreds of $$.  

You should enroll directly through an accredited college and save thousands by not paying the middlemen such as Rue, Chancellor’s & College Network.  

The study guides on CD and download are in Adobe .pdf  format 
& are all fully printable so you can take them with you!    

Best of luck on your journey to your degree!!

StudyGroup101 dba MyStudyGroup101 LLC claim no affiliation with Excelsior College, CLEP, or DSST.  

StudyGroup101 dba MyStudyGroup101 are eBay Verified Rights Owner members and legal copyright holders to this material.  That means that our material is our own and that any section quoted for reference and pictures or charts used are used by written permission or license from the rights owner.  That also means that our study material may not be reproduced or resold, in part or in whole, without written permission.
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Our Lineup:
Dr. Cera Hensley, BCND, RN -  Nursing Education
Kay Alto-Smith, LPN (retired) BA-Education, Customer Service 
Zoe McCarty, BSN, RN
Merci Adams, BA-OS
Sarah Gaines, LPN
Bobbi VanHulle, Admin Asst.

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