Things to Know!
•  A Certain College's (We are not permitted to use their trademarked name, but it is the same as the New York State motto) LPN to RN - ADN & ASN program is a degree granting distance education program and is also ACEN approved.  You test out of the required courses and take a clinical performance exam at the end.   This college's nursing degrees are not accepted in all states and some states require additional hours/preceptorships before licensure – Check your state’s Board of Nursing  - especially for California and Washington!  

•       **  You do not need ANY 'middleman' to enroll in either of the above  programs!! 

•  The College Network (AKA Global Learn, CLASS), Chancellor's, Rue, IStudySmart, Instacert and, even MyStudyGroup101, are ONLY PUBLISHING COMPANIES.  They DO NOT grant degrees or CREDITS.   The New York state college mentioned above, DSST and CLEP all provide free, downloadable course outlines to students to use as a syllabus for each course, as well as practice tests on their website (for a fee).

•  Compare prices, reputations, and recommendations from other students, and the age of the published materials you are considering purchasing.  Some sellers on eBay may have a 100% feedback rating, but still sell study material that you can get free from some of the forums.  They also state that their material is updated, but it is >10 years old (or older) and has never been revised.  There is absolutely no reason you should pay for something that is otherwise free or pay hundreds or thousands of dollars when the material is available for much less.

•  There are several reputable Clincial Workshops available – check the forums and ask other students about their recommendations.

•  The waiting period for the Clincal exam can be up to 15 months.

•  You might consider joining a few of the nursing distance learning forums such as  and  Facebook now has several groups - use keywords to search for groups (Excelsior, CPNE, etc).

•  CLEP & DSST & some other exams are an excellent way to get college credit for some of your general education courses before you actually enroll at many colleges.  These exams costs +/-$80 plus a proctor fee and can be administered at a local college.  Check with your college for exams that are accepted and check the company websites for courses and test sites.

•  Davar Academy (formerly Tor College) has Information Literacy and several other courses that have been accepted for credit.  The course is $80 plus a proctor fee!

•  **ALEKs has intermediate algebra has been accepted for the math requirement credit.  You can start with beginning algebra to get up to speed and then do the intermediate for credit.  After reaching 70% on the assessment you then apply for ACE credit and have your transcript MAILED to the college. ** ALEKS is currently awaiting ACE recertification.

•  Clovis Community College - online for A&P, Micro, English etc.  Accredited & tuition is $89 per credit hr.

Portage Learning - online courses $585 for a 3 credit course.  Accredited and transferable.

•  Rio Salado Community College - online for A&P, Micro, Chemistry, Statistics, etc.  
•  Straighterline (ACE credits) - Math, Chemistry, Psychology,etc.
•  Louisiana State University - Information Literacy - ask your advisor!
   LSU Course LS 1001

If a local college has a similar course, you may submit it to your degree granting college for approval.

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