Effective March 22, 2016, all applicants to the EC ADN program will need take the Test of Essential Academic Skills Exam (TEAS).

We recommend that you take your pre-requisite English, Math, and Anatomy & Physiology exams before the TEAS, as it will help you pass the TEAS exam.    You may take pre-requisite courses before enrolling in the program.    Check our 'Things to Know' page or the links below.

The TEAS exam covers the following areas:

TEAS Recommendations: Download PDF

Pre-Requisites can be taken by exam or through a college:

Anatomy & Physiology - ECE Biox210 or Biox104 & 106

Microbiology - ECE Biox220

Information Literacy -  Tor College Credits

Math -  ALEKS beginning algebra

English - Straighterline

Life Span Developmental Psychology - CLEP, ECE or DSST

Introduction to Sociology or Psychology - CLEP, ECE or DSST

Humanities - CLEP, ECE or DSST

You cannot take the sciences as ACE credits!  Download and read the Nursing Catalog!